Thank You!

If there is one thing that I dread the most, it would probably be facing terror professors. As much as possible, I try not to get “terror” professors or professors which are infamous. Infamous because they are like your worst nightmares, they give you killer quizzes, they give you TONS of paper works; research papers, homework, seat works and the like, they give you low grades even if you have given them your 100% best. In reality, you did not only gave them your 100% best, but you gave them your million % best. But they don’t seem to appreciate your efforts and all you efforts just goes down the drain. Students hate terror professors not only because they give low grades but also because they are the reason why they worry too much, they are the cause of their stress and they are the main reason why students have sleepless nights. How can you love them???

But then whatever we say, terror professors are the really good professors. They teach you things which you would really remember for the rest of your life, probably because of the trauma you got. Getting terror professors in college has pros and cons. Unlike in high school where you can’t really choose your teachers, in college you the freedom to choose whoever teacher you want to get and whatever shcedule you want. But beware, sometimes there would be shuffling of teachers. Most of the students hate if this happens. I mean, you did everything to just to get that schedule and to get that professors and then they would just shuffle the damn shcedule and professors. JOHN TESH my life! Seriously, I HATE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS, but not all the time. There are times when I was thankful that there was shuffling of professors because I did not get the terror professors. As much as I hate terror professors, you also couldn’t help but still be thankful to them. Without them, you would not be motivated to study, you would just slack around and be you will not value education.

For the past 12 years of studying, I can say that I encountered terror professors that scare the wits out of me. But still I am thankful to them because of a lot of things. If not for them, I would have not reach this far. I wouldn’t be in college, I wouldn’t be in a good university and I wouldn’t be a year away from graduating. I am thankful to them even if I am scared of them. They made me realize that in life, you will not get everything that easily. You have to work hard to earn it. I already knew it before, but they seem to make you to understand and value or give importance to it. I’m already confused with what I am trying to say.

Thank you for teaching me things that I would not normally learn inside the classroom. Your wisdom has taught me more than what I learned from classroom discussion and such. For me, the lessons you have taught me about life is much more important than the things you have taught regarding our lessons. You have helped me become “more human”. Thank you so much. πŸ™‚


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