What am I reading and following this past week

I was never really a fan of 2PM before. I never really liked them and I thought they were just another Korean group. My eyes was all for Big Bang. But I got really curious of them when I always read about the in different K-Pop blogs. I started liking them because of Jeabum. I thought he was really hot and I loved his washboard abs. Before, I’ll just look at their pictures and i would give no reaction to it. I laughed really hard when I saw the video of Taecyeon accidentally punching Chansung. I thought it was hilarious. I never took them that seriously before. In short I never liked them at all.

I know it’s kind of shallow to like a group just because one of their members has a washboard abs but that seriously got me pulled in to 2PM. I SUPER DUPER LOVE JAEBUM. I love him because of his sense of humor and the weird faces he does. I love the stupid things he did in Wild Bunny and I love his antics. When I read about his MySpace controversy, I never paid attention to it because I thought that like other “scandals” it would just go away. But otherwise happened. Everything got blown out of proportions and netizens started to make ridiculous petitions. September 8 came and I read that he is leaving 2pm and that at 6:30 pm he would fly back to Seattle.

I followed that story the whole time. I never turned off my computer, good thing I was on a term break. I followed the whole story trying not to miss any details. And he left Korea after just 4 days when the controversy broke out. That was the very first time I felt bad for an idol. I didn’t even know him or anyone from the group personally but I felt bad for them. I felt really bad for Jaebum. I would not say things that have been said in other blogs because it would seem kind of senseless repeating those words.

I’m registered in Soompi and I go to the entertainment forums section just to read about 2pm and if there is anything new. Everytime I go there I am flooded with information. In fact I stopped reading all of it because I’m just getting confused everytime and too much information was causing me headaches. Right now, I don’t really care whether Jay is in Korea or not. I am quite happy that he’s back in his family’s arms, but what makes me sad is how his dream is gone in just 4 days. Yes, I would support him in everything, whether he decides to stay in Seattle or to go back to Korea I would support him. Although I wish for him to be back with his 2pm brothers because I know that it would not only make his fans happy, it would also make his 2pm family happy but most of all he would be really happy because he can fulfill his dream again and he can help his family.

I would not be selfish to wish him back to 2pm if he doesn’t really want to. I would try to understand his position. I would try to keep an open mind regarding this issue. And I would still pray for his best. I still want him back in 2pm and I will pray that he still wants to be part of them. I pray that JYP would be enlightened and so is Jay. I hope to see you smile once again.

This fan song for Jay is really good, really heartfelt. I wish Jay can listen to this. This has been on loop since 10PM and it’s now 12PM.

Park Jaebum, you’re the only one who made me really sad when you left your group. I never felt sad when Mutya left Sugarbabes nor when Spice Girls disbanded. You have this effect on girls. πŸ™‚ Good luck on your future, I’ll still support you no matter what. I may not be your number 1 fan, but I can say that I’m one of your biggest fan. God Bless Jaebum “Jay” Park. I hope you still perform on stage and I also hope that one day I can see you in flesh. πŸ™‚

This is the reason why I fell in love with 2PM. I giggle like a school girl when I see your washboard abs. I think you are really hot. I suddenly remembered, one of my former classmates kind of looks like you, but I think you're much nicer than him. Or probably you are him?! πŸ™‚


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