My good friend Ayka gave me a super-duper late birthday gift. Back in June, she promised to give me 2 books as her birthday gift for me. But she always forgot to bring it to school and I am too shy to remind her. Last term we were talking about it she told me to remind her about the books. I reminded her, but guess what, she forgot to put the books in he bag. Sad! So she kept on telling me to remind her but I sometimes keep on forgetting to remind her. Hehe Just this saturday I asked her if I could buy her Introduction to Global Society (INTGLOS), one of our subjects in the uni, book. She said yes she’s willing to sell it to me. Last night I reminded her to bring the book for INTGLOS and she said BOOKS. I told her okay, then the BOOKS. I told her to put it already in her bag so that she won’t forget it again, esp. the INTGLOS book.

This afternoon, I was really excited to get the books. I love having new books; the smell of it and non-creased pages, I LOVE IT! And finally after she gave me the two books plus the INTGLOS book that I bought from her! YEY!

So here’s what she gave me…

By Meg Cabot
By Meg Cabot

I started loving Meg Cabot after reading Size 12 is not fat. I still have to read her other books. But I’m excited to read this one. Seems like a good book. πŸ™‚

And the second one is…

By Diane Setterfield
By Diane Setterfield

This book intrigues me. I want to read it already but I might not be able to finish or read it that much because I have too many things to do. *thesiscoughthesis*

So yeah, I love books. You’ll never have problems if you gave me a book. I’m always excited to read them. You’ll never go wrong with books. πŸ™‚

Again, I want to thank my good friend Ayka for the books. I love you Aykapaw!!! πŸ™‚ :-*


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