According to Emile Benveniste discourse is “every utterance assuming a speaker and a hearer, and in the speaker, the intention of influencing the other in some way. [It comprises] all the genres in which someone proclaims himself as the speaker and organizes what he says in the category of the person.”

This is what I learned earlier in my Mass Media class. My professor told us to remember this because this is the most accurate meaning of discourse. And so I learned another thing today. πŸ™‚

I’ll sleep already. It’s already 11?!? OMG! I have a 9:40 class tomorrow. Ok, I’ll sleep after I watch the We Got Married episode of Jo Kwon and Gain. They’re so cute!

I must prepare myself for the Thesis Topic Proposal Defense Proposal on friday. Wish us luck, I hope it gets approved. I’ll keep the faith. Pray for us, we need it badly. πŸ™‚ We all want to graduate next June, graduate on time. STRESS, STRESS, STRESS please leave me alone.


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