I want a

I want a boyfriend. hahaha give me a boyfriend before I graduate from college. 🙂

I want a guy who…

  • will love me even if I can be so random at times
  • is good in math! i love nerds! :)) i would really want to have a boyfriend who is an engineer. ❤
  • is good in basketball
  • is taller than me
  • has/had braces. i know it’s so weird, but yeah. almost all of my past/current crush have braces. darn it! what do I find in them?
  • who will make sure nothing harms me
  • can make me smile when I’m sad, even with his corny jokes
  • will hold my hand so tight and will never let my hand go
  • will always watch out for me
  • will make sure I have everything I need
  • can be very chessy at times, but would really make your heart melt
  • will sing even if he is out of tune, just to make me happy
  • will make sure I get home safely
  • will hold an umbrella for me when it rains
  • is very dedicated
  • I can bring home to my parents. someone who’ll get along easily with my family
  • will accept the whole of me, even my flaws
  • is not afraid to tell me loves me
  • will let me sleep in his arms even if gets numb
  • will hug me tightly
  • will let me borrow his jacket
  • will always be there for me when I need him
  • will make me happy 🙂

and the list goes on… I can only think of these things at the moment. Those underlined and are in bold letters are the most important things for me. 🙂 I shall add again if I remember some things. hehe

Just a random thought.


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