I need, I want

I need a break from all this STRESS.

I’m seriously stressed out.

Before I start doing my thesis, I first want to clear out my mind.

I want to de-stress.

I want to figure things out.

I want to leave the city, go into hiding in the province.

I want to just sleep, sleep and sleep.

I want a vacation.


My body hurts right now.

Probably because of all the walking I did yesterday.

I had to carry my heavy bag yesterday, I brought my laptop.

Ride the MRT which was very, VERY crowded.

And walk along the sidewalks were I can breath in all the pollution of the Metro.

Wow thank you for polluting the world, you stupid smoke-belchers.

And thank you to other people who are raping the environment.

You will all be blessed in the future!


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