The Green-eyed Monster

“This expression was coined by Shakespeare in Othello (3:3), where Iago says: “O! beware, my lord, of jealousy; it is the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on.” It is thought to allude to cats, often green-eyed, who tease their prey (” Green-eyed monster or jealousy. It can also be called envy, whichever your comfortable using.

There is a green-eyed monster in all of us, we are just not aware of it. The green-eyed monster in us shows itself when we are envious of other people’s material belongings, of her attitude or when we feel rivalry. Sometimes it can also be called insecurity, especially if you are jealous of one person’s personality.  But most of the time we envy a person because of his wealth, material belongings and connections. It would make you think why you are feeling like that when you already have almost everything in life. Why do you want to be like that someone? Is it because she has the latest Channel bag? Is it because she always travels abroad and you don’t? Or probably because she is intelligent and you’re not?

Whatever the reasons are, you cannot deny the facts that all persons are envious to another person, in one way or another. People have needs, but they also have wants. Unless these wants are satisfied then you’ll always be jealous. Jealousy is bad, but what can you do when it’s a human nature? You must control your emotions they say, but how can you control one that’s deep inside you? How can you control jealous when everywhere, there’s something that triggers that emotion? How can you stop the feeling of envy when you know very well that you have a lot of insecurities? For me, insecurities are always linked to jealousy.

In every person’s life, he has been envious of other people even at least once, though he/she may not admit it. Sometimes they envy the simplest things that another person has, like freedom. It is hard to know what makes other people jealous or why they are jealous. Sometimes you would think that they have everything, but you will be shocked that they are not happy with their lives because they envy what other people have.

It is bad to be a green-eyed. It is hard to control the monster within you. Being a green-eyed monster is bad. Control you emotions. Jealousy is inevitable but at least be discreet about. Control it or it may backlash against you. You don’t know what jealousy can do and make you do.

The Green-eyed monster

Credits to: ANTM Cycle 4


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