Till death do us part

Till death do us part, that’s what my best friend said to me. We’ve been friends for almost 13 years and we have gone through a lot already. I’m happy that he’s my friend. I can always count on him whenever I need him and he helps me when I’m in need, may it be emotionally or financially. We were friends even if parted ways 6 years ago. I transferred to another school and lost communication with him. Then during my college enrollment, I was shocked when I saw him there. We were both shocked. But I know we’re both happy to see each other again. I am thankful that he’s my friend and I am blessed to have him as a friend. We have the same wavelength, we think a like and we like the same things.

Yes! My best friend’s a guy. But I never, as in NEVER had a crush on him. Our relationship is platonic. That’s it, we’re stuck to being friends forever because one reason. haha But I don’t mind, I’m happy we’re that way.

We were talking earlier and I said that even if I didn’t marry, I would be fine, because I have him. Then he told me, we can travel the world together and live life to the fullest. I think I like that idea. Even if I don’t have a husband and children, at least I have a friend like him who’ll always be there when I need him.

Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for everything. Let’s travel together in the future when we have work already. πŸ™‚

I love you friend!


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