Word vomit

I’m not cool

I’m not even trying to be one

Whatever I’m writing is what really is on my mind

I don’t do this to attract attention

I do this because it’s my way of releasing my feelings

Writing helps me keep in touch with myself

It keeps me sane

The things I cannot tell my friends I can write it here

I am not a poser or something

I am not writing this because someone asked me to explain

I am writing this because I think there are to many words in my head right now

Too many feelings in my heart

Too many unsaid words bottling up inside me

Feelings that keep on haunting me

That keep on hurting me

I just want to show the world what I’m feeling right now

And what I’m thinking

I feel sad, frustrated, tired, eager and guilty

I am longing for someone who would hold my hand

Then tell me everything’s alright

Someone who’ll hug me and tell me it’ll be fine

Someone who would always be there when I need him

Someone who will love me

I’m waiting for you, whoever you are

Waiting for the day you would come and sweep me off my feet

Waiting for the day you would tell me stop crying because you’ll always be at my side

Waiting for the day I’ll meet you

I’ll keep on waiting

I’ll keep on hoping

I’ll keep on praying

Hopefully, I’ll meet you soon.

I can’t even tell my friends what I feel

I’d rather tell strangers my story rather than to people who know me

I’d rather tell my story to people who are interested in reading this blog

I’d rather have people who are on the same boat as mine to read this.

So why am I feeling so left out?


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