Don’t to forget to remember

That’s a gif I found at the WHO website. I am currently writing a paper about HIV/AIDS for my final project in my global society class. While reading everything I researched, it makes me feel sad to know that there are tons of people suffering this virus. I know, it’s wrong to pity them, but I can’t help it. I wish I could do something, I wish the government could do something to help them, I wish the scientists can already find a cure for this virus so that all the people in the world would be cured. I’ll keep on praying that scientists find a cure for HIV/AIDS so that people will not suffer. What makes me feel bad is that most of the people with AIDS come from middle-income or low-income countries and there are also lots of kids suffering. 😦

Don’t forget to remember the people suffering from AIDS. Let’s help and support them.


For more information about AIDS or if you want to help, visit these following websites:






There are many more organizations out there that needs our help. Let’s not limit our world in comfort zones, let’s all be socially aware, LET’S HELP.


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