Holidays and what I like about it

There are some things that I look  forward to during the Holiday season. One is vacation from school. It means almost a month of r & r. During this time of the year, most of us Filipinos gain a lot of weight. And damn, I gained a lot of weight, I am having a hard time pulling my pants up. I think I need help in pulling my pants up. LOL the second thing I like about the Holidays is when my dad gives us,me and my brother, money as gifts. My dad is not the type of person who gives gift during special occasion, probably because he doesn’t know what he should give us. But my dad is not only the person who gives us money, sometimes if my mom’s in the mood to give us money, she’ll give us money. My mom can be really cheap sometimes, hahaha. My relatives also gives us money, my aunts and uncles give us money by making “mano”.  Mano is when we lift the hand of older people and put it in our foreheads. Just like this, —->>


So that’s what we do to the elders as a sign of respect. Some of my generous cousins also gives us money. Instead of giving gifts, they give you money and I like it better because there would be days when I needed money but I don’t have anything. So because they give me money, then it means I have something to spend. Am I confusing?! And lastly, what i like about Christmas are the family reunions. I think I don’t need to explain or expound why I like it. It’s the only time of the year where the whole family’s almost complete and it’s the time of the year where our families share crazy stories and talk about politics. hahaha So yeah those are the reasons why I love the Holidays.

But there’s also one thing I hate about holidays. Holidays means I have to take pictures of m family and relatives. Ever since I got my dSLR last year, I am always the one who’s supposed to take pictures. I am in very few pictures and it sucks! hahaha

One picture of the typical family gatherings we have. There are lots of family members missing, some are in the city, some are in other countries, while some are already gone.

Last year's holiday. Family portrait, but with a lot of family members missing.

Have fun with your families and relatives this holiday season! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!


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