JE makes me happy or is it?

If there is one band/group that got me into Jpop, specifically to Johnny’s, it would be KAT-TUN. I remember channel surfing at that time, then I stopped when at AXN when I saw that what they were showing was a music show. I am a big fan of music show, may it be MTV, Channel [V] or the local music station here in our country. I would always watch it, no matter what. So that’s when I stumbled upon Music Station. It was already about to end at that time and the special group that would perform was KAT-TUN.

At first, I was really weirded out by them, I mean hello their random nails are colored black and who wears black nail polish?! Plus they were skinny, so why should I like them? But I must admit Jin was the first one who caught my eye, I think he’s cute. Well, I am more of a Kame fan today and I am not a big fan of Jin, my love for him faded (aww). So yeah, they were to close the show. At that time I didn’t really know what they were singing, I tried looking for it on the net, but I can’t the freaking song that they sang in that certain episode of MS. I gave up my love for Jpop when I was so busy with school work in high school. But when I was in the fourth year of my high school, my love for Jpop was revived, thanks to Arashi and Hana Yori Dango. I became a fan of Jpop, JE again. I became super, as in super obsessed in JE in 2008 and up to now. I love JE most especially KAT-TUN. If not for KAT-TUN, I wouldn’t know who Arashi is, who NEWS is, who Hey! Say! JUMP! is, etc., etc.

Aside from KAT-TUN, I am also a big fan of Hey! Say! JUMP!. I love Inoo, Yabu and Morimoto! Wahhh!!! Sorry fan girl here.

I just wanted to share my JE journey. And about the song that they sang, I already know what the title of the song, “Yorokobi no Uta” (喜びの歌). This is definitely one of my favourite KAT-TUN songs.


KAT-TUN is definitely my favorite JE bandFollowed by Hey! Say! JUMP!


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