When darkness turns to light

Screencap from my friend's blog

When I entered college, I already thought of going to Singapore after I graduate. Not only to have a vacation/fun there, but also to look for a job. During my second year in college, I learned that my friend also wants to go and work there, so we made a promise to go there and hopefully we both get a job there. Since I’m almost a few months from graduating (hopefully, I’m keeping my fingers crossed), I asked my parents earlier if I can go to Singapore with my friend Cara after graduation. My dad said yes right after I told him and when I was talking on the phone with my mom I told her my plans to look for a job, then she suddenly said that I should go look for a job in Singapore. When she said that, I told her that that is me and Cara’s plan, so I asked her if I can go. She also said yes and told me that that would be my graduation gift from her. I’m really, really excited to go to Singapore, mainly because it’s my first time to go out of the country, but the bonus there is I would be alone with my friend. No parents, YES! Like what my friend said, “I’M SO PSYCHED NOW FOR THIS TERM!” I can’t wait for this term to end, even if it just started. I’ll continue praying that God will help us in finishing and passing our thesis and also in passing our other subjects as well. Go! Go! Go! FIGHTING! 🙂