Goodbye Facebook and other excerpts of my life

When I first signed up in Facebook, I didn’t know what I was getting into. I found it complicated and not really fun. And somewhat I also found it boring. Facebook isn’t amusing enough for me, before. BUT after almost a year of using Facebook or FB, I can say that I am really addicted to it. From my 94 friends before, I now have 500+ friends. Not everyone in my FB account is my friend, friend, if you know what I mean. Some are just acquaintances, some I don’t completely know/remember. I just added them because we have common friends. FB is SERIOUSLY ADDICTING. If Bella is Edward’s kind of heroin, then mine is FB. I am wasting half of my life sitting in front of the computer, just browsing different pages, looking at pictures, becoming a fan of different stuffs and adding random people. Half of my life is eaten by FB. I can’t believe that it manipulated my life for almost a year now. And like most “addicts,” I know I should put a stop on this addiction and just focus on our thesis and my other school work.

Earlier, I was talking to this friend of mine who is a Philosophy major. We were talking about her plans and other school related stuff. I kind of told her something about FB, then she suddenly blurted out that she de-activated her account. Kind of like froze it for a while to focus on school work. I got really curious and I asked her if you can do that. She then told me the benefits of deactivating FB. Then suddenly this strange idea comes into my mind and I told her that I’ll also do that. So earlier while I was waiting for a friend this afternoon, I deactivated it already. Then when I went home I had to deactivate it again because it’s open on my Firefox browser. Finally I deactivated my account.

Starting today, until this is done, I won’t open my FB account. It shall remain frozen. The good and memories we shared together shall remain with me until I reactivate it again. Goodbye friend, I’ll be back as soon as I finish everything I have to finish. I just have to start focusing on school work now and to be more serious about my life.

TO THIS (cr:

We’re already starting our thesis production and I am really excited to start rotoscoping already. Wish us luck, please pray for our group. I know we can do this. THINK POSITIVELY! 🙂 Schoolwork can sometimes be such a pain, but I have just have to put up with it. This is, hopefully, my last term in the university and my driving force is getting out of college and getting a job. I also want to make my parents happy. So goodbye FB, hello schoolwork. 🙂

Hello, Schoolwork! I need to focus on you first, before I focus on anything else. (cr:

MUST ENJOY THIS TERM. MUST ENDURE THE REMAINING MONTHS OF THIS TERM. MUST FOCUS ON SCHOOLWORK. Good luck to everyone, hopefully we enjoy the remaining months of this term. I AM HOPING FOR FREEDOM, SOON!


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