Hello regret

There are things in life that I will always regret, like not taking up International Studies major in Japanese Studies. I will forever be sad thinking about the chance I had to shift to that course. And right now, right at this very moment I am thinking and still regretting about it. A lot of what ifs and should have beens will remain unanswered. Hello regret, why are you punishing me like this?


One thought on “Hello regret

  1. don’t be sad. i think most of us don’t really sign up for the course we REALLY REALLY wanted. like me, for instance…wanted to take up something fashion-related but it was not naman uso pa back then e. but life is not about what course you took. most of the jobs naman that you will get will not also be inclined with your course. life is so much different than college, im telling you.


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