Wounds would heal after a while. When you were a kid whenever you had wounds, what do you do? Do you pick them? Trying to remove the dried scab from your skin and be amazed and grossed out the same time while examining it.

I had this very weird wound that stayed for a while in my left ring finger. I knew why I had it and I was really telling myself how stupid I was for trying to pick it before. It wasn’t really a wound at first, it was more like a dried skin or something. So I tried taking it off, but it didn’t work. i did it a couple of times, but to no avail it did go away, instead it grew bigger. It looked like a small mound in my finger, I found it gross, and that was the only time I stopped trying to remove it. Whenever I look at it, I always wanted to cry. I always think of how stupid I was for trying to remove it and not waiting for nature to do its wonder. It stayed in my finger for almost 5 months or probably even longer, long time, I know! At first I really didn’t know what to, I just kind of let it be. But then I was growing more and more insecure, plus it hurts when I put pressure on it, that’s why I thought of what to do. I didn’t come up with a plan, I was sort of just hoping that it would magically disappear or that it would just flatten. Of course, I know it would not happen if I didn’t do something. One night, I had a wonderful idea. My aunt gave me a huge, as in HUGE, bottle of Jergen’s lotion, it’s suppose to heal the skin and stuff, the label says so. I thought, why not try it. I am being daredevil before when I tried removing that stupid skin, so why not do something that would probably help me get rid of this stupid mound in my finger, and so I did. For the last 4 months I was putting lotion on my hand every night. And last just January while looking at it, I realized that it had subsided big time, it wasn’t as huge as before. I was happy, really happy. And so after a few more weeks of putting TONS of lotion on it, finally, today it has finally subsided. After taking a bath, my skin was very soggy looking and I thought of removing the skin/lump and t worked. I am really happy that finally it’s gone.

(cr to: http://frederatorblogs.com/frederatorfilms/files/2010/01/got-patience-680x510.jpg)

It’s kind of weird looking at it, touching it. I was kind of use to feeling of touching a bump on my left ring finger, but hey I have no complaints. Thank God I patiently put lotion on it every night and also that I stopped picking on it. If that wound has thought me something it would probably be patience in getting what you want. I think that would apply very well in life. Patience a really strong, easy to say, but really hard to have.

(cr to: http://responsiblemarketing.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/chickenpatience.jpg)

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