I am back in Facebook

I am using Facebook again and I hate it. I still spend my time there, but now much less than before. I became a fan of two pages, Putting your legs out of the blanket and then feeling exposed to monsters!! and Having my whole body under a blanket makes me invincible to the monsters. I can’t believe that there are lots of people who feel this way, I thought I was the only one. It’s good to see that people feel the same way as you are. At least I am not weird as I thought I was. Haha

You might ask me why I am back in Facebook, well, I have two reasons. One of my class has a Facebook page and they locked it to members only, so I can’t access it anymore without logging in. And second, my friends said that I am missing a lot of things. haha BI! Bad friends! hahaha

I blogged before that I love 2PM and that I was shocked when Jay left. I thought at that time that it was only temporary, but there is a part of me that kind of foreseen already that he would not come back for good. And I was right. Dang! I really, as in REALLY, liked Jay. He’s a versatile performer and it is sad to see him go. Whatever the reason that JYP can’t reveal, I’ll still keep an open mind. I wouldn’t comment on the other issues. I’ll miss Jay. I’ll support Jay in AOM, I became a fan of them in Facebook or is it I joined their page in Facebok. Whatever! πŸ™‚ I’ll support 2PM even if there are only 6 of them. I think they need all the love they can get.

I saw this picture in the Art of Movement Crew Facebook Page. I also think this way, but I am trying to look at things with an open mind. πŸ™‚

(cr: To whoever owns this)

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