I don’t understand

I don’t understand why Filipinos can’t follow even the simplest rule. What the hell is wrong with you people?! I am Filipino, and I try my very best to follow rules/laws, but there are some people who seem to can’t stop themselves from breaking rules.

(cr: http://pliblog.yournextspeaker.com/uploaded_images/Wise_Judgment_Stop_Light_High_Res-776768.jpg)

Why do you keep on crossing the street even when the light is green? Can’t you wait for the traffic light to turn red? And why can’t you use footbridges or overpass or underpass, it is not really much of a hassle. But why do you continue risking your lives by crossing on the highway? I don’t know if they Filipinos have suicidal tendencies or anything. Because Filipinos can’t follow the rules, almost everyday there are people who get run over. Which leads me to dissing another flaw of our law, why is it the driver’s fault when a person gets run over. Okay, let’s say he drives too fast and then he hit a person who is jaywalking. Why is it his fault, isn’t it the STUPID, LAW BREAKING person’s fault??? I get it, you want to punish the driver for driving to fast and for hitting a person, but why don’t you also punish the person who got hit. He was crossing in a highway where there are no pedestrian lanes. He could’ve used the footbridge, but no, he goes crossing on the highway, then he got hit. Whenever I see news of people getting run over I can’t help but be mad at Filipinos for not following the law.

(cr: from one of my friends in Facebook)

Of course, the pedestrians are not the only ones who break the law, but also drivers. There are Filipino drivers who drive like madmen, who think they own the road, I hate them as much as people who don’t cross in the right place. PUV drivers are also one of the biggest law breakers in the country. They don’t stop when it’s time stop. They bring down passengers at the middle of the road, especially bus drivers. SERIOUSLY I JUST HATE, LOATHE, DETEST, ABHOR THEM. I commute going home, I ride the FX Taxi and one time there is this stupid bus driver who almost made us hit the center island. I was really scared at that, I thought that an accident would happen.

This happens because we don't follow the rules. (cr:http://static.relax.com.sg/site/servlet/linkableblob/relax/271108/topImage/Putting_the_brakes_on_speeding_bus_drivers-topImage.jpg)

I got the plate number of the bus, but I kind of forgot to report. Stupid me. So here’s the plate number. I hope someone from the government reads this and gets into action.

PWW 577


BODY # 5765

This happened near our house and my brother saw this while he was on his way home. (cr. Francis Malasig http://i723.photobucket.com/albums/ww240/francismalasig/accidents/FRA06962.jpg)

I am not perfect, I also break the law sometimes. But I always keep in mind that there are laws that I should follow and I really try my best to follow them. I really hope that Filipinos be more disciplined. If we can follow the laws outside Philippines, then why can’t we follow our own laws. If I was to wish things, I think one of them is for Filipinos to follow the laws and be more disciplined.

I focused on the road issues, I know there are more issues out there about people breaking the law. I think I’ll blog about it next time. πŸ™‚


(cr: http://arosales.i.ph/photo/d/200-1/pedestrian-lane.jpg)

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