Everything will just go wrong in the end

Every girl has certain standards before liking a guy. (I think I did not express myself correctly, but WTF?) These standards are shaped through time. There are things you add when you get a new crush. You add some stuff and you remove some. These standards guide you in choosing that one person you really like. When you like someone, it’s probably because they met your standards, they are not completely the one in your book but they are around 90% of what is listed.

Me and my friend had this kind of conversation about two years ago, and I can still remember what she said, “You don’t settle for the one that’s there. If he has not met your standards, then he musn’t be the one. You should not settle for him, because in the end everything will just go wrong.” That’s not exactly what she said, I kind of reworded, but the essence of what she said is there. Settling for someone just because he’s the one that’s there will not really make you happy. In the end, you would just end up deceiving yourself and the other person. In short, you will not be very happy for long.

Hahaha random word vomits. I am feeling lightheaded and I am still very sick. I still have annoying colds and to add to that, I am now coughing. I am getting sick of thesis, I just want to end this. Please end all of this already. I need to rest, I need to stay away from the computer, and I need a vacation!!! I want to go to the beach.

I am still looking/waiting for the HIM. :p Hey, where the heck are you? What’s taking you so long? *grins* okay WTH is wrong with me? so annoying.


2 thoughts on “Everything will just go wrong in the end

  1. I TRULY BELIEVE THIS GELA! hindi kayang ipagpilitan ang lagkit factor. have you watched up in the air? there’s a line there that says: “when u find the right one, u won’t feel like settling.”

    lets pray to find THE ONE! no considerations. it just doesn’t work that way. believe ate dang 🙂



    1. I haven’t watched it, I really should watch it. yes, I believe you ate dang. 🙂 must pray, must pray, must pray.


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