Just my two cents

Probably, the reason why you did not win in the election is because of name recall or they don’t like you to serve them anymore. Sometimes cheating is not the only reason why they win, so okay they gave people money, but didn’t you also do that. It is hypocritical to say that they bought the peoples vote because you also did that. It is unfair to say that they cheated, when in reality they just did their best in the campaign. Probably people don’t want you to win anymore because of the things that you did or maybe because of your dirty works. Maybe, there is also a thing called fate. Probably it is not really meant for you.

However you see it, whether you see lost as a case of being cheated or name recall or probably even faith, you just have to accept the fact that you are not elected.

If you really want to serve the people, there are other ways of serving them, even much easier way. Being elected in office should not only be the reason why you are helping people, it should be because you really want to see change and you really want to improve their lives. Being in office means that people trust you, you should not use it merely for power. Stop being one of those power-hungry officials.

For the new administration, I wish you well and I hope your promises will not only remain as promises. Good luck and I hope you really help the people. Be the change!


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