The funny, the sad and the gross

There is something grammatically incorrect with my title. *Dies*

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Being with my cousins makes me really happy. There is a different happiness I get when I hang out with my friends, when I hang out with my family. My cousins brings out the craziness in me. I mean, I am already hyper when I am with my friends, but with my cousins it’s different. We have the same wavelength. The way me and my cousins think are very much alike, that sometimes it’s already creepy.


Being in Pampanga is the only time I get to bond with cousins. They’re my cousins from my mother’s side. One thing I like when I’m with my favorite cousin Camille, she’s the same age as me and her she’s only 17 days older than me that’s why she’s my favorite, is that we can talk about almost anything and everything. I usually stay in her room and we can talk about a lot of things for hours before we finally feel tired and go to sleep. We talked about the funniest things we can think of and I think we even talked about some family stuff. Gosh, how melodramatic! But it’s cool and I really enjoyed talking to someone whom I can share the craziest things and think about what’s happening to our family and all that. 🙂


I regret not being able to get close with two of cousins who died, especially to Wowie, who is the same age as me and Camille. When Tita Lei, Camille’s mom, was telling stories about Wowie, I felt sad that I didn’t even get a chance to be close with. I got really envious of Camille when she was telling me how close she was with him. I guess it’s true that you don’t realize the things you have until they’re lost. Wowie, wherever you are I hope you are happy and you’re with Kuya Jordan. I’m really sorry for pushing you off the bicycle before as a revenge for pushing me off the bicycle too. That’s my fondest memory of you. Seriously, I feel really sad while typing this and guess what’s playing on my iTunes, Goodbye My Friend by Spice Girls.  :\


One simple thing can ruin your whole day. I don’t get it why my nephew just didn’t tell us that he needed to use the washroom badly. He didn’t tell us that his tummy hurts and he needs to relieve himself. When we were almost at the washroom, all hell broke loose. And I think you already know what happened. My and Camille needed to run around the mall to buy him new and not to mention cheap clothes. It’s really something you wouldn’t easily forget, not because it’s gross but it’s also funny. I’m sorry Jocas for putting this here in my blog, I can’t help it. Next time, please tell the people you’re with if you need to use the washroom, there’s no need to be ashamed of it because all people do it.


Our stay in Pampanga is obviously fun and memorable. Me and my brother went swimming with Camille, Gly and Xjern. Talked about who started Jejemon and how to beat up a guy in case they do something rude to us girls and stuff like that. I wish we had more money and someone knows how to drive so that we could have went to the beach which would have been more fun. Anyway, it was fun all in all. Our stay there is even more fun because there are people who were always with us.



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