Some guy


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At some point in a females life some male figure messes them up. A father, a brother, a lover, a friend, an enemy, a crush, a movie star, a neighbor. Some guy comes along one day and tells them they are ugly or fat or stupid or something hurtful. Some guy tells them they love them. That they are the only one they will ever love, forever. And that she is the most wonderful and beautiful thing in the world. That she is perfect for him and that he will never hurt her or leave her. That she is his only love. Then, she finds out that these are lies. He might leave her, hurt her, push her away, insult her, deceive her. Some guy comes along and tells her she isn’t worth it, and she never will be. Some guy tells her she isn’t enough. Some guy tells her that she is weird. Some guy tells her something, but means something else. Some guy misguides her. Some guy leads her into the dark. Some guy does something to her, something that hurts. I can’t list everything, because honestly? If I did I think someone would end up crying at how many things apply to them. So, basically, males hurt females, and yeah we hurt men too, but we are in truth more fragile. Now look at that list and see how man things apply to you and realize, boys are honestly not worth the time and tears that we give them, cause you want the hard core truth? They don’t do it for us, and they don’t take that much thought into it. There are only a few who are worth the tears and pain, only a few who are, but look girls, if you are on your Tumblr writing and posting posts about how he hurt you. How it’s not fair. How you are hurt. How you are crying. How you can’t get him out of your mind, just realize that if he isn’t doing the same for you, he can’t be worth it. He isn’t and never will be. I am not trying to take away hope, rather than helping you move onto someone out there who actually gives you the thought and time you deserve. You have heard this over and over again for a reason, that is because it is true. He has moved on, he has given up, so common, you have dignity, move on. Show yourself that you are strong, and you can be happy, because one day, you will see. You will be happy. So look, you can take this and ignore it, staying sad and sulked, you can take this and reblog it in hope that it helps someone out there, or you can read this and take in what it says and try, just try to be happy. Do something for you, not for the guy who hurt you. My choice? Re-blog, believe, try.


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