Kpop Goes Gleek!


It’s amazing what some time away from the kpop scene can do to a person – make them miss it for starters! Yes, I’ve missed my sugar-coated cotton candy fluffiness, and it’s time to play catch up.

To procrastinate further however (it’s what I do best), the past week, I had an epiphany.

*Kpop+Glee= Two obsessions that taste great together*

I know I’m late to the party, but reruns of the hit show Glee have really pulled me in. I tried to fight it, but coming from a person that chooses to listen to Orange Caramel, this should not be surprising.

Glee is the new hot thing on American television. Every celebrity wants a guest starring role, and Filipina singing sensation Charice will have a recurring role for the show’s highly anticipated second season, possibly spreading the show’s popularity to Asian countries. With all the hype, how has Korean television not hacked this idea yet? Korean pop is perfectly tailored for a teen musical k-drama. And the kitschy, over-the-top romances and plot-lines? Please, who else can do it best?

You’re Beautiful was kind of testing the waters, but SBS or KBS should go whole hog and straight up cast a Korean version of Glee with all idol singers. They’ll be printing money. So, to get myself back in the Korean music mind frame and really just for fun, a Glee k-drama fantasy cast:


By “casting” idols as certain characters I am in no way implying anything about their personal life or personality. It is just for fun and if you are that bothered by any unfortunate “implications” of associating your favorite idol with an unsavory fictional character, just think of it as a role they would be play in a potential blockbuster drama. It’s less mind-crushing that way.

The Glee Cast, courtesy of Wikipedia


Rachel is the star of the glee club, the best singer in school and she knows it. IU strikes me as a bit of an ingenue/prodigy, and great things are projected for her future. She lacks Rachel’s manic, overbearing personality, but I would have no problem believing her as a star vocalist.

Finn/Jay Park:

Ah, the jock who finds his inner gleek and shocks his friends by turning down football in favor of more artistic pursuits. Honestly, with all the Jay news slamming my inbox, I’ve got Mr. Park on the brain, and right now, his entire back story screams overcoming adversity and heightened expectations. Jay’s finally branching out and coming into his own as a leading man. More than enough inspiration for the leading role.


The beleaguered director of the glee club is Rain because…well, he’s Rain. He’s one of the most revered artists in the industry today, and it’s easy to believe his hoobaes look up to him for guidance. Also, this was kind of an excuse for…

Emma/Lee Hyori:

Admittedly, the two have nothing in common. Emma is germaphobic guidance counselor, and Hyori is – not. But Emma and Will are in LUV and Rain and Hyori shouldjustgetmarriedalreadydammit so Hyori is Emma.


Quinn is the icy blond head cheerleader, and Jessica is known as a pretty, icy blond. Plus, the rest of SNSD would be perfect as her cheerleader partners in crime, aka the dastardly Cheerios.


Put down the knives people. This has nothing to do with the character being gay. What it does have to do with however, is the talented, charismatic, flamboyant stage personalities that these two guys both share. I would kill to hear Jokwon belt out some show tunes.


Bom’s not a diva but she and Mercedes both share impressively bombastic voices (hee). On alternate universe kdrama Glee, Bom would be the shy girl that sings to herself in the mirror every morning but never has the courage to share her talent with the world.

Sue Sylvester/Lee Soo Man:

She’s the villain who mercilessly guns down the competition and works her club members like slaves. Huh yeah.


A cheerleader and the new HBIC who is supposed to be the “skanky villian” but is a fan favorite instead because she is snarky and more complicated than she seems. Hyunah gets a bad rap on occasion, and there was Safety PantsGate, but there is a reason why she is the most notable member of her group.

Fellow Glee fans, who would you cast in a kdrama version of Glee? And who can we write to get this thing off the ground?