So What Now?

When I was in college, I thought that it would be easy for me to find a job, because I know what I want. Graduation came and then I had to look for a job. Instead of being sure with the path I chose, I just got more confused. I am not sure with what I want. I say to myself, “My interest have shifted, so what now?” It confuses me a lot with what I really want in life. I am already a graduate, I should be sure of what I want. Unfortunately that is not what’s exactly happening to me. As the day passes by, the more I get confused, the more I hate the choices I made, the more I start hating myself.

I know that this is just God’s way of challenging me, of making me stronger. But I sometimes feel that I am at my limit already. I just want to cry at this very moment, thinking that nothing is out there for me. I am unsure of what I want in life and life is not really making it easy for me. Things are not falling into place. But I am not losing hope, I will stay positive. I know that the sun will soon shine for me.

Whatever it is you have in store for me God, I know that you are just preparing me for the best and that you will give me the best. I want to thank you in advance Lord and I trust in you. I will always try my best and leave everything to you. Thank you again Dear God.

Side note: So this is what it feels like to look for work and not find anything. 😦 Now I know how hard it is. :\


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