Life is full of unfair calls, bad plays, and missed catches.

This is my subtle way of saying, “MY LIFE IS SHIT!”

And sometimes I start hating myself, I start feeling like shit and I think that the whole world is against me. It’s so frustrating when you want something in life, but things just doesn’t seem to fall into place. Yes, I have regrets, tons of them. What ifs still remain unanswered. Then I move on, but start feeling worthless after a couple of days. And I start crying . I start thinking how I am such a failure.

Why can’t things just go the way I want them to be?

Why can’t things just fall into the right place?

The irony of it all I am listening to Nujabes and Jay-Z’s song, Success…

And I blame myself and my choices for feeling like crap. Thank you very much.


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