My Dream Board

I decided to make my online “dream board”. These are the things I want to get/buy in a 1-2 years. These things would be my driving force to succeed. Everyone of us wants to succeed, right? Everyone wants to get what they want. In order to get what you want, you need to be successful. So how can you be successful? Being successful for me, means you have to be hardworking, you need to be goal-driven and you should have a great motivation for success. Probably, you’re wondering why I am writing something like this all of a sudden. If you have been  a reader of my blog, you can see that in my previous posts, I have this one character that have been pulling me down. It has been hindering me to be more than I can. It is stopping me from being successful. Try back-reading and you will see how pessimistic I am. Try looking at at how I see things happening to me. I am trying to re-evaluate myself, and I am trying to change myself. When I read my previous posts, I can see how much I put down myself. I am always doubting myself. I don’t believe in my own self, so how will people believe in me? And right now, that is one of the very things that I am trying to build.

Confidence is another thing I lack. If you have read my post Missues, you can see how much I lack self-confidence. It kind of sucks seeing people around me so confident, while me on the other hand, is scared of what would happen. Yesterday, the designer of my brother’s suit, sent me an SMS asking me favor. He asked me if I can call someone for him, since he is in the province. If this was any other day, I would have told him a lie and find a way to not call the person. But because of what I have been doing for the past three weeks, I did not hesitate to call that person. I thought, “Hey! I would just talk to him and tell him to proceed to doing the pleats. I’m not gonna die by talking to him.” I think, I am slowly building my confidence. I am slowly, but surely, believing in myself more and more as each day passes. I wouldn’t claim that I am the sole reason why I am building my confidence. The people around me are one of the biggest reasons why. They give you this vibe and it’s so contagious, that you pick it up. I thank the people around me, they have been helping me so much. 🙂

Another thing about me is I worry too much. I mean, there is nothing wrong with doubting, but I doubt WAY TOO MUCH! One thing I should stop/avoid doing is worrying too much. Things happen, you have no control over it, but you have choices. Either you make something positive out of it or you just let it be and screw things happen. Shit happens to everyone, you can’t do anything about it. Shit still happens even to the most successful, hardworking, positive people.

Back to my dream board.


I find this car really sexy. Hahaha


Lens Hoods
UV Filter


Circular Polarizing Filter PL-C
Compact Power Adapter CA-PS400
Battery Pack BP-511A
Battery Grip BG-E2N
Speedlite 430EX
Silver Reflector

I want to get them in that order. 🙂 I will not buy lenses first since I already have 2, the EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM and the EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM. I just need accessories, to improve some of the pictures I’ll be taking.


When God gives you so many blessings, it is only right to share it to other people, especially to the less fortunate.

What Is Child Sponsorship?

Sponsorship is a way for you to make a real and life-changing difference for ONE precious boy or girl in need, along with his/ her family and community. Your regular sponsorship pledges – of P600 a month, or P20 a day (P7,200 annually) – will make sure those children are going to schools and are in good health.

What it provides?

Through child sponsorship, you’ll help World Vision address the immediate and long-term needs affecting your sponsored girl or boy. Your donations will also help prepare your child’s community for emergencies. Areas in which your support will help your sponsored child include:

  • Education
  • Skills training
  • Improved Nutrition
  • Livelihood assistance
  • Health care
  • Safe water
  • Value formation

World Vision partners with local staff and families to develop long-term solutions and strengthen the community in which your sponsored child lives.

The ultimate goal is to see families and communities reach a point of self-sufficiency, thereby giving your sponsored child a better, healthier world in which to live.

Why it works?

World Vision helps transform a community through child sponsorship.

World Vision child sponsorship is an answer for a long-term solution to poverty that cripples families and steals hope from children. It is one little thing that every Filipino can do for the country.

Your monthly pledge is pooled with those of other child sponsors in the Philippines. Pooling together resources/ donations enables World Vision to maximize the productivity of every peso.

Working together with local staff and community leaders help create healthy environment and hopeful futures for children and their families with essentials like education, skills training, nutrition food, agricultural assistance, safe water, and health care.

The long-term goal of each child sponsorship project is to empower a community to become self-sufficient. This transformation from poverty to confidence and self-reliance, usually takes 10-15 years. At that time with the goals of the project met. World Vision’s role within the community comes to an end.

If you want to sponsor a child now, you can visit the World Vision Website.


My dad’s province sits on the northern side of the Philippines. In that province you can probably count with the fingers of your fingers and toes the number of Churches there. People need a place of worship and it is quite unfortunate to see people sitting outside the Church because there’s no more place for them to stay inside. For every town, I think there is only 1 Church serving thousands of devotees. It’s kind of sad, really. One thing that annoys me to death is that these so-called “rich” people don’t even know how to donate to the Church. Some are donating, but it’s for the stupid, damn fence of the Church and not the House of Praise itself. Yes, you’re donating, but there are things which you should focus on when you donate. Uh hello, there’s still the inside. Why not have the altar fixed? Or have the Church repainted? Or have the broken windows changed?

That’s why donating to the Church is one of my goals. I want to see a beautiful Church in our town. ’nuff said!


Just because I love my brother and so that he can let me play with his PS3. 🙂 I am sort of a geek. *wink, wink*

  • HTC EVO 4G

They’re not selling it here in the country. But I don’t mind, I’m willing to wait. In my personal opinion, this is WAY much better than an i-Phone. As much as I love Apple, I can’t help but be mesmerized by this beast. hehehe

A blogger posted a comment about this phone and the i-Phone. She raised very good points why this phone is better Apple’s i-Phone.

Personally, I prefer this phone over the iPhone 4 simply because:
1. It offers flash support— something the iPhone probably will never have.
2. You will be forced to live through the limitations Apple has decided to put its consumers through with the phone unless you jailbreak it— which also effectively makes your warranty for the iPhone void.
3. 8 MP camera. The iPhone 4 only has 5 MP. Which is decent, yes, compared to that brick iPhone 3Gs which does only have no LED flash or any flash whatsoever but also has a terrible 1.3 MP camera with no shooting modes.

This aside, with regards to the applications, the Android market is gaining on the iPhone’s iOS apps market. And when I say gaining, I mean it’s only a short time before they go on head to head soon.

That, and I can’t help but see and feel iPhone users as some kind of “cult” with their “uniform”— their monotonous phone that all look alike unless you jailbreak it, the fact that you are practically forced to install iTunes on your computer (which is a huge bloatware and is no way getting on my new Sony Vaio that can load Google Chrome 3 secs flat and boot up in more or less 15 secs— since a user with the same specs as my baby reported having to wait minutes for iTunes to load up!) and oh, that unless you want every song erased from your phone that you’re going to have to stick with the same computer/laptop you transferred your songs from. Not to mention that backups take up a huge amount of space because you are left with two copies of the same files with two different formats— the other from your phone with .aac and the others the ordinary mp3 files. Oh, and good luck with the identification and organization of those files if you transfer them again in your phone or your iPod Touch.

Truth is, there is a reason why Apple is seen as a domineering company, forcing its followers to live the “Apple lifestyle” (ever wondered why you can’t Bluetooth files from your iPhone to another phone from another brand or that basically everything, including your earphones that look exactly like that China-made earphones from the tourist bus in Paris or Hong Kong, have to be Apple-ified in order to be fit for your use?) and those who decide not to fall victim be criticized like self-esteem-lacking Queen Bees from school? It’s a clique, it’s a cult. It’s mass manipulation via advertising. Do your homework and you might just see what I mean.

I forgot to mention… Did I also mention that you can’t erase nor forward individual text messages nor copy or paste without jailbreaking your iPhone? You DO know Apple is against that, right? That’s why they’re voiding your warranty if you encounter any problems with your phone and you jailbroke it before— whether the problems were caused by jailbreaking or not.

Hmmm. Very well said.

That’s all I want in the next couple of years. I think that’s too much already.

If I want these things, I should double my efforts now. I am not saying that success equates to having material things. These things are not really my ultimate driving force. If you ask me, I would tell you honestly that I want to be successful so that my mom can go home and just stay with us. I don’t want her to work abroad anymore, that’s why I want to and I need to be successful. My family is my greatest driving force in becoming successful. I love my family! ❤

If I want my mom be able to go home already and if I want all those things, then I WILL ACT NOW!


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