When it looks like I failed

Before my mom left the country, she gave me a gift. She gave me a book of prayers that contains prayers for different circumstances. There’s this one prayer that is currently my favorite and I want it to share it with. I guess it’s my favorite because of what I am going through today. So here it is:

When It Looks Like I Have Failed

Lord, are you trying to tell me something?

For –

Failure doesn’t mean I’m a failure.

It doesn’t mean that I haven’t yet succeeded.

Failure doesn’t mean

I have accomplished nothing.

It does mean I have learned something.

Failure doesn’t mean I have been a fool.

It does mean I had enough faith to experiment.

Failure doesn’t mean I’ve been disgraced.

It does mean I dared to try.

Failure doesn’t mean I don’t have it.

It does mean I have to do something in a different way.

Failure doesn’t mean I am inferior.

It does mean I am not perfect.

Failure doesn’t mean I’ve wasted my life.

It does mean I have an excuse to start over again.

Failure doesn’t mean I should give up.

It does mean I must try harder.

Failure doesn’t mean I’ll never make it.

It does mean I need more patience.

Failure doesn’t mean you have abandoned me.

It does mean you must have a better idea!



This is the book my mom gave me.

New favorite book. πŸ™‚