Counting Stars

I just found out about Nujabes (Jun Seba in real life) a few months after he died. I was looking through someone’s Tumblr and this certain song kept playing on the background. I really liked the song the first time I heard it, so I really looked him up. Counting stars became my instant favorite. It’s such a good song. It’s so relaxing. It’s so peaceful and it makes me calm. I’m happy I found Nujabes. And seriously this song is making me think, I hate thinking but this song is making me think. I need to go somewhere alone, I need to do some serious soul searching. Hopefully, I can do that next week. I’ll bring my iPod with me and this song will keep be on loop. I feel like my life doesn’t have a direction. Dammit!


6 thoughts on “Counting Stars

  1. I got into Nujabes after his death as well. Though I found out he did the soundtrack to Samurai Champloo. Sad thing about a lot of artists is they get more attention after their death.


    1. Thanks in return! 🙂 I also love checking out other people’s blog, there’s always something interesting that’s waiting to be found out. 🙂


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