Day 1: Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is

I’m still very much single. I’ve been single my whole life. Although I almost being in a relationship, but some things happened. Being single is not a bad thing. But yes of course, there are pros and cons to being single… I guess I’ve been so used to being single that I find it okay. It’s not as bad as other people think. Or maybe, I just seriously need to be in a relationship in order to know what the difference of being single and being in a relationship.

I don’t find anything wrong with being single. Since I’m single, I can go out with friends anytime I want. I can hang out with guys without someone being jealous. And I will not have fights over the smallest things.

I'm single because... (state reason)


It just depends on the person if he would think that being single means being sad and lonely. One should look at things positively in order to be happy. If your just going to sulk around. You can be happy even if you are single. I am happy! I don’t think that I am alone and there’s no one who loves me in order to fight the negative thoughts. I am surrounded by the most awesome people. I have family who’s very supportive in everything I do and I have friends who are always there for me.

Top 10 Reasons for being Single

Being single mean having tons of fun, freedom and more time to discover and love yourself more.



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