Empty Streets

Lately, I’ve been going home not earlier than 1 in the morning. Today’s no exception. I got home at around 4:30 am. I feel tired, I want to sleep, but I have to finish writing our screenplay for our short film. This is already late, it’s supposed to be passed yesterday. Noooooo!!! This is so not me. I always make sure that I submit everything on time, but this is one of the very few moments I submitted my stuff late. Grawr!

I’m enjoying writing. Not writing in a blog, but writing something more serious. I still have those days where I can’t write even a simple sentence. Writer’s block, mental block or whatever you call it, I’m having it right at the moment. I can’t write our damn screenplay because I’m too distracted and too tired. Or maybe, I am lacking inspiration. Tsk!

I promise myself to not sleep until I’ve finished writing this screenplay. Pray for me and wish me luck! I need all the luck in the world. Universe, please stop conspiring against me!!!


Oh, let me add this picture I saw while reblogging stuff in my Tumblr account.

Holy guacamole! o_O



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