Of paranoia and slapping

The other day, we had our script evaluation. We got pretty good feedback with our screenplays, so I’m very much relieved. I guess, I’m just a little too paranoid to things like these that I tend to exaggerate what’s really going to happen. I’m paranoid, that’s what my friends always tell me. I’m having a hard time removing it from my system.

I was talking to one of my facilitators and I told him that I MIGHT get this certain job. I don’t want to write it down here first, I don’t wanna jinx it. He thought it was in a different department, but I told him it’s the other one. So he was like, “What?” And he started telling me the, for the lack of better word, horrors in that department. Of course, I was fazed. I suddenly became scared. Hahaha but I know he’s telling me all of that with a good intention in mind. He goes on telling me, “I’ll slap you if you make the wrong decision.” Uh-oh… I ended up laughing, but I know that he’s pretty serious. I’m scared! :p

And we had another round of conversation, it’s like having a bull session. I know I’ve picked up a lot of awesome things from that conversation, and I’m pretty sure I won’t make the wrong decision because someone is ready to slap me. hahaha


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