Dreaming of you

Last night I dreamed of this guy. Like what’s happening in real life, we never talked. It seems as if in my dreams he was avoiding me. Or was it just the certain circumstances that stopped us from talking. I miss that guy. I miss hanging out with him. I miss talking to him. I wish I could tell him all the shit I’m going through right now, just like what I did before. I wish he can console me and tell that everything’s gonna be alright. I miss him… He’s the closest guy friend I have. He’s one of the very few guys whom I can tell everything.

I just miss him really. I miss all his kind and positive words. He’s one reason why I’ve been this strong even after going through all the shit that has happened to me. Hai. I miss those times. I wish we can just go back to that. 🙂

I know he’s can’t read this, but oh well, I’m still gonna write it down.

Hey you!

Yes you (you know who you are)! I miss you!!! I miss talking to you about random shit. I know most of the time I’m really negative and I tell you really depressing stuff, but thank you for listening to me. As in always listening to me. For being one of the kindest guys I met, thank you. For all the positive words/advice you gave me, I appreciate all of it. I wish I could hang out with you again, just like the old times. I miss you and your (sometimes) sexist/perverted comments. hahaha Anyway, I just want to thank you for everything and I just wanted to say I miss you. 🙂

– GELA 🙂


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