Watched Insidious earlier with my friend, Jolo. I was covering my eyes half of the movie and I was screaming like a Justin Bieber fan girl. I don’t know why I said yes when he said he wanted to watch that movie. hahaha It was scary!!! The cinematography was amazing, one of the reasons why the movie was scary. The eerie lighting, or the lack thereof of lights, heightened the spine chilling moments. The second half of the story kind of, uhm, fell. It wasn’t good, but it wasn’t exactly bad and that is not a good way to describe something. But yes, the scare factor is still there and I’m happy to tell everyone that there is no blood and gore. I think the movie just kind of had too much going on during the second half. I really enjoyed the movie even if there were a lot of scary scenes. I’m not exactly a fan of scary movies and I would rarely watch a horror movie alone, I’m a big coward.

And let me quote James Berardinelli (ReelViews), saw this on Rotten Tomatoes,

If there’s a complaint to be made about Insidious, it’s that the film’s second half is unable to live up to the impossibly high standards set by the first half.

Matthew Pejkovic [FILMINK (Australia)],
While the third act descends into silliness, for the most part this is a superbly crafted and genuinely scary flick that borrows brilliantly from horror classics.

Anyway, if you want to be scared, watch this movie. πŸ™‚

Here’s the trailer, you guys be the judge!

“Insidious” is the terrifying story of a family who shortly after moving discover that dark spirits have possessed their home and that their son has inexplicably fallen into a coma. Trying to escape the haunting and save their son, they move again only to realize that it was not their house that was haunted.


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