Centennial Celebration of La Salle

Last June 16, 2011, De La Salle University celebrated it’s centennial anniversary here in the Philippines. It was an awesome event attended by the student and alumni of the school. Aside from festivities in the main campus, Taft, other campuses also had their own celebration. The celebration was exceptional. It was something unforgettable. I’m really happy to be part of history and of course part of the Lasallian community. ANIMO LA SALLE! ✯

During the Green Mile Parade

The 5-minute pyromusical show gave me goosebumps! It was epic, a night to remember!

Here’s the video of the pyromusical show at the centennial celebration of La Salle. Watching this, made me re-live the moment. Even though there were TONS of people and it was sweltering hot, it was still worth it and I’m really happy that I decided to stay.

I love La Salle! 🙂