Happy monthsary

No, this entry wouldn’t be a sappy story about my love life. I still don’t have one. I’m still waiting for him. When are you gonna arrive kasi? hahaha Anyway, happy monthsary to me and to my work.

Yesterday, I celebrated the first month of my new work. I celebrated, as in I just remembered it and bought some pastries as a “pasalubong” for my brother. I just wanted my first month to be memorable and oh boy, was it memorable. I will just list down the things that happened yesterday, August 11.

  • My boss texted me telling me I’m gonna be one of the people on the remote location for our newscast.
  • On my way to our service our HR, Sir Tj, asked me if I’m always being sent on field. I told it just started this week and suddenly he told me, “O siya, get you flu vaccine. Fill up that form.” and I was like, “ugh, ok.” My arm still hurts and I feel dead tired, is it because of the flu shot?
  • Our first location is supposed to be at the senate, then our senior writer texted me that we should leave for Antipolo. So on our way to Antipolo, 10 minutes after, our P.M. called and told us to go to the Sofitel Hotel and cover the proclamation of the new senator. Thank God, we weren’t that far yet!
  • It was super duper hot and we don’t have a place to set up our laptop and printer. But thank heaven’s that the guard let us put up tables on the grassy part of the pedestrian sidewalk.
  • Almost an hour after our set-up, the clouds turned gray and suddenly it started to rain. I kind of panicked because the scripts are gonna be soaked. Our P.A Jayvee was really alert and asked the driver/caretaker of the truck (where the generator is loaded) if he can print inside. They were really nice to let us print inside. The rain was crazy and the winds were super strong. I didn’t have a raincoat!
  • Loving the hotel washroom. Not that I’m ignorant or anything, I just enjoyed going to the washroom in the hotel. Hahaha
  • The rain stopped and the sun started shining again. Then it was hot again.
  • Ran in and out of the hotel to give scripts.
  • Saw politicians.
  • I was being shooed away by the people from the other networks. Ugh, hello I’m gonna get out of the way just give me time.
  • Stayed at the hall and got the scripts that are already read from Uly, our floor director.
  • Bought pastries from Galette. The cream cheese danish was SUPERB! Me and my brother both agreed that it was really yummy! Also bought mango roll. It was so-so. I can’t get over the cream cheese danish, I’m craving for it!!!
Cream Cheese Danish (Not the one I bought, but the picture's close enough)
  • On our way back to the office, we saw a commotion. Apparently one person was hit by a jeepney.
  • Talked about the crazy things that happened. From the news reporter who was very bitchy to our fieldΒ director and to the “shouting match” between our news reporter and the other channel’s reporter. And talked about some more random things while it was traffic.
  • Saw pigs being transported, on EDSA! A rare thing. Β πŸ™‚
It’s really something I’ll remember for a long time. The day was kind of stressful, but it was something memorable.
I’m really thankful for my new job. I’m really happy with it. Sometimes, I couldn’t help but think, what if I didn’t resign from my old job, what would have become of me. Though my job can be stressful at times, I’m thankful that the people I’m working with are not adding to the stress. Although, it’s nerve-wrecking for me to think that my work’s gonna be edited, it’s way much better than what was happening before. I guess, resigning from my old job was the best decision I’ve ever made. I lasted there for a month and five days. I’ve stayed in my job for a month and a day.
I know for sure that I wouldn’t be resigning soon because I’m enjoying my work and I like the people I’m working with.
I’m thankful to God. As in super duper thankful! πŸ™‚

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