The sound of the ocean, captured in a shell; like a memory. Imagine if it held something different. There was something more than just the sound, but just as real. What if we had chance to remember things that we never actually experienced?

This is one of the lines in WongFu Productions’ new short film, Shell. Featuring Chris Dinh and Mimi Chao. This film will make you fall in love with the characters and wish you had a “memory” like theirs.

It has a very simple story line, but with a fantastic story and cinematography, it is a winner. It clearly tells the audience what the narrative voice of the writer, Wesley Chan, is. It easily captures the audience attention, even without the crazy happenings. It sort of reminds of Before Sunset/Before Sunrise.Β They’re both talkies, with the audience left hanging what would happen next.

If you haven’t watched it, here you go.

Our lives are shaped by our experiences. Our experiences are preserved in our memories. But what if we had a chance to remember things that we never actually experienced? “Shell” explores this idea through a quiet conversation. If you could look through a window that softened the edge between reality and fiction, what would you want to see? What would you want to remember?

This is the Official Selection for 2011 Seoul International Extreme-Short Image and Film Festival

Written and directed by Wesley Chan and produced by Philip Wang. This is one of the many reasons why I enjoy WongFu videos. Congrats WongFu Productions for another job well done. Amazing writing skills Wes! πŸ™‚

I’m inspired to write a story for a short film. Must. Do. A. Short. Film.


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