Fashion Evolution

I’m really a late bloomer when it comes to fashion. I am not the type of person who would spend lots of time choosing what to wear. I just grab whatever I see and I’m ready to go.

True that!

When I was in college, I never really bothered to dress up. AS IN! My usual get-up would be jeans & shirt/collared blouse. It didn’t really bother me because I wasn’t that self-conscious BEFORE. I actually really find it funny whenever I try to look at my pictures when I was in college. I guess, dressing up wasn’t really my priority because I was dealing with a lot of things at that time. My fashion statement was non-existent, I guess.

But ever since, I had this fascination for fashion. Oh look, it rhymes! I enjoy looking at fashion pictures. It inspires me to dress up better, although I’m really insecure with my body. I guess that’s another reason why I dress up sloppily.

After college, I graduated last year, I was influenced by mom to wear better clothes and stop wearing t-shirts. My mom, dresses up much better than I am. I really need to keep up or else people will think I’m not her daughter or something like that.

Now that I am working, I really try dress up well. Not only because I am now more conscious of what I’m wearing, but also because you need to look good/prepared for any occasions. I think, I enjoy dressing up now more than before. Maybe I’ve matured and realized the need to fix my appearance because it will reflect on how people will see me.

So why am I blogging about this?

Earlier, on my way out of the office…

One of my office mates asked me, “Gela, may date ka?” (Gela, are you going on a date?) It was such a funny-out-of-the-blue question. I hate to admit it, but of course I was flattered with that question. Cause it only means to say that what I was wearing was good enough. It was sort of an approval from other people, that’s what I like to believe.

Then suddenly, I remembered what my friend told me last year, “Gela, the way you dress na is very different.”

I’m not really blogging or anything, but it just got me thinking…

Hmmm. I guess I’m more matured already and now I am really starting to embrace fashion. I’m starting to apply the things I learned/saw with the way I dress. I guess it’s sort of an approval on the part of other people. 🙂

I wonder what I’ll wear tomorrow. MUST.FIND.INSPIRATION!

I’ll post some pictures of my “outfits”. hahaha So random!

(Black Saturday, April 25, 2011) Gray Button Up Shirt, Pink Spaghetti Strap Top & Black Leggings"
(Pampanga, Aug. 7, 2011) Folded Denim Jacket, Pink Spaghetti Strap Top & Black Boho Skirt"
(Pampanga, Aug. 28, 2011) Gray Long Sleeves & Brown Shorts"
(Pampanga, Aug. 29, 2011) Light Blue Button Up Long Sleeves Shirt & Black Leggings"
(Reunion, Sept. 10, 2011) Light Blue Button Up Long Sleeves Shirt & Denim Pants"

(Office Attire, Sept. 22, 2011) Denim Jacket with flower print, Blue Tank Top & Black Washed Jeans"

So with the pictures, you can assume that I like layering and I’m a pants/leggings girl. 🙂


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