It’s the end of the year, so why the hell am I still writing this.

I guess, so that I’ll be reminded that I still have a lot things/goals I need to meet.

[✔] Get a job  (Yes, I have a job! And I’m much happier here.)

[✔] Meet amazing people (I have met a lot of them actually)

[    ] Buy a new phone (I need to change my five-year old phone)

[    ] Like someone new. As in like, like. (Though having a boyfriend is better)

[    ] Figure out what I want in life (Plans, plans, plans)

[✔] Buy a Macbook battery (It’s busted for a long time)

[    ] Have my camera and camera lenses cleaned (I seriously need to have them cleaned. My the lens is having a problem)

[✔] Figure out what I’ll do in life (What should I do with my life?)

[    ] Save money (For all the obvious reasons)

[    ] Lose weight (Forgive me and my insecurities)

[✔] Make parents happy (I guess, I already did when I got a job)

[    ] Have a fun year (The year hasn’t ended, so I’m looking forward to what it has in store for me)

[    ] Start writing again (I guess, blogging can be considered as writing, but what I mean here is essays)

[✔] Make a film (We already did and it was 2. Although I’m not that satisfied with the result)

[✔] Write a screenplay (I already did with our short-film)

[✔] Watch indie films (Like them better than mainstream)

[✔] Discover and listen to new artists (Hello Ellie Goulding! Hello Foster the People!)

[    ] Bond with friends (Self-explanatory)

[    ] Keep a journal (So that I’ll keep track of my insanity)

[✔] Sponsor a kid through World Vision (It’s been my goal ever since)

[✔] Go places (I wanna see different places and because of my work, I’ve been able to go to places I would not usually go)

[✔] Share my blessings (Through Church, family, etc)

[✔] Buy books and start reading again ( I haven’t read for leisure in a very long time)

[✔] Start paying my debt from my dad. (Hahahaha yes, I have a debt. I borrowed money from him)



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