Chillin’ with cousins






I always enjoy going to my mom’s province, Pampanga. There’s always something so relaxing and fun there. I guess, it’s the environment. It’s so quiet, calm, peaceful or whatever adjective is synonymous to those three words I’ve mentioned.

Whenever I’m there, the time is super slow. Being there is always an excuse to be lazy, because the vibe there is very different than here in the metro. You can say that I like it very much there. Aside from the very peaceful environment, retreating to Pampanga, means fresh air, mountain and fields.

There’s less pollution there because there are more trees. The air is fresher.

My tita’s house overlooks a mountain, Mt. Arayat. It’s picturesque beauty is always so inviting and relaxing. I have bajilions of pictures of that mountain. It’s a pretty sight to wake up to in the morning, rather than seeing billboards and buildings.

The fields are right beside my tita’s house. Sometimes when farmers are planting, I can see them from the inside and boy, you can afmire their patience and hard work. I love the smell of the fields. Their swift smell tickles my nose and awakens my senses.

I guess being there makes me appreciate God’a wonderful creation and makes me closer yo mother nature.

I love it there and I want to live there.

Another reason why staying there is always awesome is because of my cousins.

Last Saturday, some of my cousins celebrated Kuya Francis’ birthday. He’s one of my favorite cousins. Not only because he treated us, but also because, I can have an intelligent/geeky conversation with him.

Enjoyed a very simple celebration with the cousins.

Simple = karaoke, a few beers, finger foods, three bottles of wine, chips and funny/random conversation with cousins.

I’m really thankful that I have cousins like them.

Lord, thank you for giving me an awesome family.

I can’t wait for the next part, Dec. 17. I really hope it pushes through! 🙂

Good night! It’s Monday again tomorrow. Experiencing Monday blues alreaDy. Looking forward to the next weeKend! 🙂 hahaha


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