Filipino films: they don’t make us think

The type of films Filipino filmmakers make reflect the type of people most Filipinos are – people lacking in substance. Just looking at the list of entries for this year’s Manila Film Festival, you can already tell that not a lot of thinking was involved in the process of making them. Even the titles leave nothing to the imagination of the audience. Most of the actors playing the lead roles are the same ones we’ve seen since we were kids or some hot young flavor-of-the-month of one producer or another.

How do these filmmakers sleep at night knowing that they are not really creating a work of art but just copies of some other people’s work? They are not even making people think; they are not even stirring emotions or provoking people into doing something with their lives; they are not even inspiring young people to aspire for greatness. What they are producing is just stuff you can discard after one use. In short, most Philippine films are a total waste of the people’s time and money.

Films are supposed to be cultural artifacts that reflect our culture and, in turn, affect us and our outlooks towards life. Most films are considered art, for entertainment and a powerful tool for educating — or indoctrinating — society. But nowhere can we find our culture or any significant message of consequence in our films. Films are powerful tools of communicating ideas and who we are as a people. Unfortunately, our films tell us and everyone else that we are shallow and superficial.


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My thoughts exactly!

Props to the author.


5 thoughts on “Filipino films: they don’t make us think

  1. I’m assuming you’re writing this as a Filipino, and if you are one, it’s really a shame that you didn’t take into consideration that the MMFF was hosted during the Christmas season, a time for merriment and happy moments that Filipinos do consider to be very important in their culture. Why would you wanna watch some Inception-like film during Christmas and kill your brain when it’s a time for Christmas songs and presents? I don’t intend to be demeaning to your rant, but it’s actually kind of offending for you to say that it doesn’t evoke emotions to its viewers. Filipinos are naturally happy people. And in my opinion, the masses – which, lets face it, are really majority of the people who actually go out and watch these movies – would definitely enjoy seeing something like House Husband. Films are indeed what you defend them to be, but they are also created with a target audience in mind. Please take that into consideration next time. 🙂 – Filipina


    1. I’m not saying that we need to have “inception-like” movies during the MMFF, what I’m trying to point out is that we can do better films, films with substance. Why can’t we make movies that are not only for the enjoyment of people, but will also give lessons to the audience. Look at the films we have on the MMFF, only a couple of those are worth watching. Why do the producers need to make a sequel of these movies, seriously Panday, Enteng? Why can’t they give other movies a chance. Movies with better plot lines and does not only feature actors we see on the big screen every year. The problem is that these producers continue to milk people by giving them those movies. In all honesty, it’s like they’re dumbing down the audience. Maybe if they produce better films, they can entice everyone to watch their movies. Maybe it would be much better if there are more alternative filmmakers, rather than mainstream filmmakers no?


  2. this is exactly why i hated that particular article. it perpetuates the kind of ignorance and crab mentality the filipinos are famous for.

    for one, the author didn’t see the film in question (SRR13) to be able to make an enlightened critique. that’s not just unethical, but lazy and elitist.

    if you’re looking for better filipino films, all you need to do is google. if you love films, do support the many pinoy independent films that have been struggling to resuscitate the pinoy film industry. the philippine independent films have been making waves internationally since 2005. it’s about time the pinoy audience wake up and seek these gems out.

    bilang manonood ng pelikulang pinoy, sana suportahan niyo rin ang mga pelikulang de kalidad pag pinapalabas sa cinemalaya, cinemaone originals, cinemanila, cine rehiyon, etc. dahil kung hindi, hindi rin kayo nakakatulong. nakakadagdag lang sa problema.



    1. Indie, yes. But that article was talking about mainly, mainstream, so haters like you fail. What are the chances of the majority of Filipinos going to go indie now when their TV screens are filled with utter absurdity 24/7? Either way, you can blog/twit about that not all Filipino movies are average (or below even) and that there are these indie-produced films, THEY STILL WIN and YOU LOSE. Because the majority of them are already infected. Why don’t we just accept that there are at least other Asians (eg: Japanese, Korean) who make way better works of arts than us? It’s the simple truth.


  3. I lived in the Manila 30 years before migrating for good. I am so proud the movie industry before the mid 80’s, we had good actors and producers that contributed so much to be more competitive. We had people like Broca, Garcia, The Gil family, Dindo Fernando and many more.

    Unfortunately, in the process we lost the grip. We started to make “trashy movies” when we failed to developed new talents in the industry, You can see new faces not because of talent, but because they are in direct bloodline of their parents who are in the business long ago.

    Even the entertainment shows use “money giving technique” just be get ratings which makes filipinos open to exploitation by big television networks. I remember people died on the lineup of stampede because they wanted to take chance on the big price money being offered as bait.

    Lastly, the theme most of our movies at present doesn’t represent the level of thinking we are supposed to have. We dealt more of the theme that filipinos are poor and in the course of the movie they will have their revenge with the wealthy. Love story seems so predictable between the poor and the rich- you know what i’m taking about, A thriller that never lives the parameters of “nuno sa punso” mangkukulam or worst – an imitation of a sucessful horror movies.

    I wish we could go back in the movie industry the way it should be. I still believe in the filipino capacity to excel and compete. But in order do that, maybe

    just my two cents.


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