The year 2011 for me

2011, ahh the year that was filled with wonderful but also heartbreaking experience.

My year 2011 started with a bang! Meeting new friends, getting to hang out with people, learning a lot of things, etc. It started on a really good note actually.

For my life to be easier and not to bore the readers, I’ll just write down what “memorable” things happened to me every month… if there is one.



Boot camp with Big Bang, they’re awesome, awesome people. The boot camp’s like team building only better. There you get to meet people who inspire you, who would teach you things that would help you in your life, in short they’re amazing people who help you. I honestly miss the people I met during boot camp.

My tita Chit came home after 7 years, I think. She’s my favorite tita, because she took care of me when I was a baby. Though she can be scary at times, I still love her to death and I totally missed her.

From L-R: Tita Melba, Me, Tita Chit, Alliyah and Uncle John

Having a job after three months of bumming around. It was really exciting for me because I was going to work for one of the biggest networks in the country. It was what my parents wanted for me, get a job in a known company. But you know, God has different plans for me.

I really miss these people! Batch 42, let's hang out please. 🙂

Of course, if there are ups, there are also downs. My tito Danton who’s been paralyzed for the past 20 years, died of pneumonia. So you can imagine how sad it is for me. After experiencing all those high in first few weeks of the new year, you are suddenly slapped with a news that someone dies in your family. I honestly miss my tito. He’s the only one among my tito’s whom I can open up to and share my dreams. He’s the one who encourages me to do things and enjoy, he’s one of the reasons why I’m closer to God. I just miss him, on January 29 will be his first death anniversary. Tito, I know you’re in a much better place. I just want to say thank you and I miss you.

Tito Danton's the one on the middle (2009?)


February has been full of highs and lows. I have a job, so what more could ask for. But I guess that job wasn’t for me. I was always crying, I wasn’t happy with I was doing and I just wanted to leave. Although there were days that I was happy with what I was doing, most of the time I just wanted to curse and leave my job. Met new people, met the countries hottest artists, I was in the production world, but that didn’t make me feel contented. I felt trapped in a hell hole. I wasn’t really happy with what I’m doing.


First week of March, I resigned from my job. Why would I want to stay in a job where I was always crying and I was imaging myself outside that kind of life. I felt that it wasn’t healthy for me to stay in that job, so I quit. And I think, that was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


Bum mode, but I was looking for a job. Had a lot of interviews, but lady luck wasn’t on my side. I wasn’t getting into any of it, so I decided to have a film workshop.

Write, Shoot, Cut, Play workshop There I met few of the county’s best independent filmmakers. Gah!!! I really wanna spazz about them, but that is not possible. Hahaha Just like before, I met awesome people and had new friends. I learned a lot from this workshop and realized what my strength/talent really is, writing.

Batch 7 in action...Sound design class


Still a bum, but was still doing workshop. Not a lot of things happened during this month.


Got a call from one of the companies I applied for, interview!

Was caught in fork road. I was supposed to start my training for this certain production company, when I got a call from the company I applied for, telling me that should go there for another interview. The “Network” hahaha


Interview, then suddenly they asked me to fill up this super long form and gave me a list of requirements. I was “hired.”

Started working at July 11, as a trainee. Then received a message from my boss that I was hired-hired the next day. I have a contract!!! Was hired as a writer. Awesome!


August 1, the show started to air. It was kind of scary at first because it was live, so if you weren’t that fast in writing stuff, your story would suffer. Like our facebook page, GMA News TV Quick Response Team. I am working with an amazing team, so I’m super proud of my work.


My lolo Maning died. It was really sad to see him go, though we weren’t that close. And the fact that two of my family members died that year is really heartbreakin.

I think this is the only picture I have with my Lolo. L-R: Camille, my brother, Gelo, Lolo Maning & Me


I’m still working and very much happy with my job. I’m thankful that I got this job, which is something only a few people get to experience. There were ups and downs during this short period that I was working, but then I learned from it.

Incomplete picture of my QRT family

I’m starting to get really sleepy, I still have work tomorrow, so that is just a short preview of my year 2011.

Like what I wrote in my previous blog entry, New Year

2011 has been a roller coaster ride. It was one hell of a crazy. So many ups and downs, but I learned a lot from. Thank 2011 for being a insanely memorable year. I’m thankful for everything I got this year; all the learnings, the blessings and even the heart breaks. So as I welcome the new year, I pray that 2012 would help me become the person I want to be. I know this year would shape me into a better person. This year was truly one for the books. But nonetheless, cheers to 2012 and owning the new year!


2012, please be nice to me!


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