Of religion


Religion, a topic I rarely discuss with people. Not that I am ashamed of being Roman Catholic, but I just think that some people really try to avoid the topic. I’d like to believe that I am an open minded person.

Last week as I was talking to someone, I suddenly told him that I felt so guilty for not going to church for the past two weeks. It really shocked me when that person told me that I was wasting my time going to church, that I could do more things rather than go to church.

I couldn’t believe he told me that. I just thought he would just listen and not say anything, but why did he need to say that. I am not the perfect example of a Christian. Like I said, I don’t always go to church and stuff. But still it was sad to hear that from someone. I’m not gonna try to change that person. I’ll still listen to him, but I just hope God would help him, enlighten him.

I am not trying to convert him ok. I just want him to have a more positive outlook in life. He’s gone through a lot and I can feel that’s the reason why he’s like that. Oh well, I’ll pray for him.