Panagbenga 2012

Forgive the obvious lack of post. I’m to busy with a lot of things and even if I have the time to post something, either I’m to lazy or I’m somewhere. Just like last weekend (okay, it was only on a Saturday night to Sunday evening), me and my friend from the office were in Baguio (Summer Capital of the Philippines) for the Panagbenga (Flower Festival) 2012. At first I was really hesitant to go, but then I decided that it’s not everyday that I would go there, so for the heck of it I went.

"Beyond the horizon is a paradise" (Taken and edited using a phone. Forgive the very "in-your-face" watermark.)

It was fun, stressful and tiring. A lot of things happened.

So just let me give you a rundown of what happened.

  • Got to Baguio at around past 4 in the morning.
  • Had an early breakfast at KFC. I wanted to eat somewhere that screams Baguio, but unfortunately almost all the stores are closed except for the fast food chains. Had Double Down and mushroom soup.
  • Attended mass at the Cathedral. Their mass only lasted for around 35 minutes. I was really trying to keep myself awake during mass.
  • Grabbed some drink at 7/11.
  • Me and my friend was trying to get to Session road, but then there were tons of people. We had to walk almost a kilometer just to be able to get to the main road.
  • Looked for our setup. Hahahaha thank God we saw familiar faces. Got the “best seat” for the parade.
  • Took pictures, tons of it during the parade. The grand parade started at around 8 a.m and ended at around past 10. There were 25 very colorful floats.
  • Went to Baguio public market to buy pasalubongs. Peanut brittle, choco flakes, lengua de gato, alfajor, strawberries, creamy peanut bar. I also bought a pashmina for P180.
  • Had a hard time hailing a cab so we rode a jeepney instead. It was super traffic, so we went down and tried to look for a cab. We waited for almost an hour before we were able to get a cab. And it was super traffic, the driver had to do some shortcuts so that we wouldn’t be stuck in traffic.
  • Went to a shop in front of the Botanical Garden. They were selling silver stuff; jewelries, rosaries, even bags. My friend bought a ring. Then before we went out, we asked the person there if we could use the washroom and he said yes. So we both used it. I was the last one who used the washroom and then I heard one of the lady there asking if I was a customer. I think she didn’t want non-customers to use her dirty washroom. I hate her!!!
  • Had lunch at Good Taste Cafe and Restaurant. Ordered molo soup, fried rice, lechon kawali and their best seller buttered chicken. We weren’t able to finish it, their servings are huge (!), so we took the leftovers home.
  • Then we went to Cafe by the Ruins to have dessert. I ordered panna cotta and my friend ordered hot chocolate, Rizal’s Tsokolate-e.
  • Like earlier, we had a hard time getting a cab, so we had to run to catch our trip back to Manila. But we still got left by the bus.
  • Chance passenger. We had to wait in a long line so that we’ll be able to catch a bus home. What do you know, being a chance passenger isn’t that bad. We got the best seat in the bus, the very front seat. Saw all the lovely view!
  • It was super traffic on our way home. There were tons of people going back to Manila and they were digging the damn highway!
  • Got home at dawn of Monday and to think I have work at 11 in the morning.

So that was my exciting trip to Baguio. Now let me show you some of the pictures I took . 🙂


4 thoughts on “Panagbenga 2012

  1. True! Unfortunately Baguio has become more modernized and commercialized, it’s like a city na rin. Although it’s better because of the awesome weather and the trees. 😀


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