Challenge accepted

So I guess this is a new challenge I have to overcome before I get what I am “dreaming” of. Depressing, but I know this is one way to prove people I can handle this huge responsibility. That I’m already a grown up. When I first heard about the news, my world came crashing down. Ok, that was too much, but it made me sad. For once, I thought this one would be easy, but I guess it won’t be. My dad asked why I looked so depressed after what he told me and if I would still continue with my plan. I said yes, but of course I also have to thing of other people. Hai!

Probably this is God’s way of testing me… His way of making me stronger. Whatever it is, this is what I have to say, “Challenge accepted!”

On the outside I'm like this
But this is what I'm feeling on the inside
Oh well...
Let's do this!

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