Another confusion stage

Here we go again! This uncertainty is killing me, confusing me. This feeling, I know it very well. Maybe if life was easier and not full of crap then I wouldn’t be confused as hell. I need enlightenment, I need guidance and I just need a friggin’ answer.

This feeling is killing me. As much as I want it to go away, it doesn’t! It gets stronger everyday and it sure confuses me more.

I’ll give this a month. If I still feel the same way, then I’ll do something about it. Reconsider my plans, what I want to do in life and get the ball rolling.

For now I’ll just let it float inside my mind and let it be another option for my life.

If this will pass or not, I don’t know. But one thing’s certain, I’m sure this would “hunt” me for a while. O_o


Full speed ahead!