On being a news-writer…

For those of you who don’t know or are just curious of what I do… I am a “media practitioner.” Basically what I do is I write for NEWS. You know, those things that the anchors say on the television. Well not everything. And I am already doing this for almost a year now.

In all honesty being a news writer is tad too stressful. When there are breaking news, you have to write it and look for the information. You write summer stories, but yourself can even go on a vacation (oh the irony!). While everyone’s enjoying the long weekend, we’re stuck in the newsroom writing news stories. And sometimes we have to go to work at the most ungodly hours. No, I am not complaining, I’m just narrating to you how our life is and that’s not even half of it.

So for the past five months, we’ve been after the Impeachment trial of Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona. This is one of the most stressful coverage we have. Imagine you have to listen to trial, while trying to understand all those evidences they’re presenting and at the same time write stories that are totally unrelated to the trial. That’s what you call multi-tasking!

Being here for almost a year, I get to appreciate and value the hard work people in the media are putting. It’s no easy task, your failure can lead to the show’s failure; one mistake can cost you your job and things like that. Can you imagine people working during the Holy Week, while everyone’s probably at home or somewhere spending their time with their family? Or maybe, people celebrating Christmas or New Year inside the newsroom? Depressing, I know! People put in so much work in writing those stories, in editing it just to show people what’s happening around them.

In this job, I get to learn what hard work means, what team work means and this is where I get a chance to hone my writing skills.  I really appreciate working here. Though it’s depressing at times, imagine writing a story about people affected by a  storm, people who badly needs help and others. You can’t do anything but write and share their stories, hoping that some good soul would help them. It’s also stressful, I think it’s already part of the media, especially news!

But it’s not all bad, it also has perks. You get to know news, even before it gets out (the eavesdropper in me is coming out), you get to know amazing stories that are sometimes overlooked and you even get to meet people you never imagined you would meet. So I’m really thankful to God for giving me this amazing job. Some people would kill to get this kind of job and not everyone’s lucky enough to have this experience. You don’t know how this work means a lot to me. There maybe times that I hate this job because of all the stress and lack of sleep, but most of the time I enjoy it because of the perks I get and not to mention the financial stability it gives me. hahaha

I’m really looking forward for next week, because the Impeachment Trial would finally be over. Thank God! I hope the Senator-judges would make the right decision, whatever it is. 🙂 FINALLY!

Taken by my office mate… while I was trying to figure out how I should start my story. 🙂 I look stressed!

Forgive the obvious lack of cohesion in my post, I’m really sleepy while trying to compose this.


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