Chocolate ceiling

When I was in high school, whenever we have a mass at the “chapel,” I always look at the ceiling. No, there aren’t any paintings on the ceiling, it’s just plain white and brown. To some it might be very uninteresting. So what’s up with the ceiling you may ask, well, they remind of chocolates. Yes, dear readers you’ve read it right, CHOCOLATES! Maybe it has something to do with my imagination or maybe because of my love for food. But whatever it is, it sure makes me hungry. Often during a mass, I’m smiling to myself while looking up. Kind of idiotic if you ask me, but it totally distracts me from getting bored from the long homilies. That was bad, but I really can’t focus if the priest’s homily is looooooong. Why not just go straight to the point? I think everyone would understand it better and would focus more if you keep it short and concise. No need to beat around the bush.

Okay, that was off-topic. Most of the time I’m distracted. I tend to magnify even the smallest thing. Hai. But it’s really distracting, believe me. Earlier, we went to mass at Santissimo Rosario Parish, the chapel with the chocolate ceiling (hahaha), I was focused on the early part of the mass. I was listening to the commentator, the priest, and then I couldn’t help it! I looked above and I saw the glorious ceiling. I sigh, thinking of chocolates.

Thankfully after the mass, we went grocery shopping. CHOCOLATE! CHOCOLATE! CHOCOLATE! Yey, I have a Kit-kat Chunky!

Forgive me if I have to cut this post short. I’m eating my turon or deep-fried bananas wrapped in spring roll wrappers. Yummeh!!! 🙂

Sorry, I have a deep attachment with food and food is more important for me. Hahaha

One last thing, before I end this post, let me post picture of the yummy ceiling.

(Credit as tagged) Wide shot of the chapel. Can you see the ceiling? It looks like a chocolate, right?
It is just me or this chocolate is much smaller?

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