Adios Bitchachos

Officially resigned from my job as a news writer yesterday and it was bitter-sweet. I was having a hard time writing because I couldn’t focus! I kept on thinking, “Oh gosh this is my last day.” Maybe the gods love me so much, that they have to give me a hard time before I go. Talk about crazy! I was on the verge of crying before work officially ended, not because it was my last day, but because I am stressed. Thankfully my friends were there to make me happy!

The last hurrah!

Everything went by so fast. One time I was writing this and then we already aired. This week, I felt very used. Hahahaha Just so you know, I really hate writing weather stories. I get confused trying to think how I would explain and how the hell am I supposed to use those weather jargons. And guess what, last Thursday, I had to write it. My mind went blank, I was trying my best to figure out how I would write it. I needed help, so I asked the best weather writer in our show, Ate Ali. Thankfully, she advised me how I should write it. Then yesterday, I had to write a natural calamity, earthquake. It drove me crazy when someone told me that the magnitude changed and so is the location. Panicking at it’s finest. I scrambled to change my script, the graphics and have it re-voiced. Thankfully it we did it, even though I got scolded.

I didn’t want to leave without saying goodbye to the people who have become my family for more than 11 months, so I treated them with a pizza. It was a simple way of showing my appreciation to them. I’m thankful for everything; the experience, the learnings and other things. Though my stint as a news writer was short, it’s one thing I would always be proud of. So to my QRT family, especially to my bosses Ma’am Sarah and Ma’am Tere, thank you for helping me improve my writing, for things I wouldn’t have learned in the classroom and just being there as a friend and as a mentor. I’m really thankful that you’re my bosses. And of course, I’m also thankful to my fellow QRT writers. To Ate Xien, my companion going home; Ate Ali, my seatmate; Ate Apple, who loves pinching me; Alex, my first friend in GMA thank you, SUPER! Thank you for the food, for the stories and for just being there. 🙂

QRT family! Thank you for everything!

Waiting, dinner and shared stories

While at work yesterday, my friend Mikey was telling me we should have dinner with the other “Batch 2011” from the office. Of course I sad yes. Knowing it’s my last day and we haven’t really got a chance to bond. It was EPIC! Though my dad isn’t talking to me now because I got home at 2 in the morning, I still think it was worth it. It was a night filled with awesomeness. Talked about the most random stuff. Stayed at the restaurant for almost 3 hours, then we transferred to the milk tea place and stayed there for another 3 hours. It was the first time we got a chance to really bond. Maybe it’s because we have different shows and it ends on different times, that it’s hard for us to g0 out and just bond. But thankfully last night were able to, because of our patience and our endless stories. Waiting didn’t feel that long because of them. People started opening up, telling each other what they feel about other people. Asking about the latest “tsismis” and just talking about the most random stuff. I’m amazed that we had that much to talk about.

It’s really funny how one story would just end abruptly because of another story. We started imagining what will happen if this person is like this. Crazy idea, crazy thoughts. Thank heaven’s they became my friends! I’m super happy that I have friends there, because in all honesty I never really thought that those people would be my friends. But thankfully they are my friends! And now I’m thinking, how would my life be if I weren’t friends with them. Maybe my life would have been a living hell. No one would listen to my stories, no one can relate to me and other cheesy stuff. I’m really thankful that you guys are my friends, “Batch 2011” (our temporary group name. hahaha).

I’m really gonna miss you guys. Thank you for being there during the craziest and most stressful times of my life. Thank you for listening to my dreams and goals. hahahaha This is not good-bye. This is just another beginning. Though I’m starting a new chapter in my life, I assure you guys, you’re part of it. I may not see you everyday, but we can still communicate. Thank heaven’s for technology and social networking sites! I’ll miss you guys and thank you for being a big part of my news writer life. I love you guys!!! ❤

Let’s have dinner again or road trip! And let’s do a crazy video of the latest pop song! We forgot to do one last night, call me maybe? 🙂

From L-R: Mikey, Gelo, Toni, Frau, Me, Alex and Kevin
From L-R: Kevin, Toni, Mikey, Me, Mai, Gelo

BTW, this song reminds me of our group! 😀

Dinner with friends
I’ll miss these people!


2 thoughts on “Adios Bitchachos

    1. Thanks friend. I am really happy that God gives me something even better than the one I’ve had. I’m truly blessed. 🙂


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