In transit

What am I doing here? Everyday, I sit here thinking what I’ve done, but instead of feeling remorse, I feel happines and contentment. I keep thinking why didn’t I do this earlier. Maybe because I was tad too hard-headed, thinking it would’ve worked out. Computer, music and phone, these three things keep me company as I go into this journey of finding myself.

Is this the one? Have I finally found “it?”

There are still questions that keeps popping up, but as far as I’m happy and contented with my decision, I wouldn’t dare question it.

It will be alright. My only assurance is that I like what I’m doing and that the people around me are supportive.

Please, don’t think I’m pregnant or something to that extent. Sorry to burst your bubble, but NO! It’s just my decision to leave news writing. No biggie! My boss thought I was resigning because I’m pregnant. Oh hell no! I don’t even have a boyfriend and that’s not part of my plan as of the moment.

Crazy thoughts please leave me alone!

I stare out the window and surrounding is gloomy. Depressing, the best way to describe the weather today. It’s as if the world is telling me about an impending doom.

Oh gosh, here I go again!

Back to my raving. Nothing special is happening with my life, it’s just after a long while, I feel contentment. Haven’t felt this way for a long time. Doing nothing made me realize a lot of things. Made me appreciate more things. And it made me think about what I’m doing with my life.

I wish this could last. This fleeting moment, this crazy moment, this moment of awesomeness.

Slowly losing my train of thoughts. I don’t know what to write, without repeating what I said above.

Let me end this word vomit already. 😀





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