BIGBANG (not the TV show!) Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 Experience

A few years back (Around 4-5 years ago), I remember seeing a music video on Channel V and really loving the beat of that song. I wasn’t able to catch the title of song nor the artist, but one line of that song stuck in my head — “I’m sorry, but I love you.” I tried searching on Google, but I wasn’t able to find the song. So after a few days of searching, I just forgot about it and moved on.

After a few months, I was (again) watching Channel V (I love music channels!) and saw a sad music video. It had a love triangle plot line that could pass as a Korean drama. I instantly liked the beat and melody of the music, though I didn’t understand a word they’re saying. When the music video ended the artist and title of the song flashed, Haru Haru – Big Bang. I immediately searched for them on Google, I thought, “They look really familiar…I think I’ve seen them before.” True enough, I’ve already seen them! From the music video that I didn’t know what the title was. “Ohhh, so they’re Big Bang,” I thought. Immediately, I hooked! Big Bang introduced to the world of K-Pop. They’re the reason I started listening to K-pop and following other artists.

Every fan girl has a bias in the group and same with me. My ultimate bias in Big Bang — T.O.P! His deep and sexy voice makes my heart flutter and also makes me smile uncontrollably. There’s just something about his bad boy aura that makes him so appealing! hahaha

From then on, I started listening to them and reading news about them. I have always wanted to watch them LIVE and see them in flesh. That was kind of impossible since they’re in Korea and here I am stuck in the Philippines. I was really jealous of those fans who  were able to see them in flesh. Jealousy at its finest. Ohhh… forgive the green-eyed monster in me.

But I guess, the concert gods really love me and all the Filipino VIPs! When BigBang announced that they’d be having a WORLD TOUR, Philippines is one of their stops.

Squeal like an obsessed fan girl! YES!!! I was super happy that they’ll be coming here. I can finally see them LIVE! I promised myself that I shall get VIP tickets because I’m a VIP (this is a lame pun). Thankfully, I was able to save up enough money to buy a standing VIP ticket for their concert this October.

Photo courtesy: Benedict Bigalbal

Last Wednesday, Oct. 24, was the every Filipino VIP was waiting for, the BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour! I couldn’t wait for this day to come, that I couldn’t concentrate on what I was supposed to be doing on that day. All I could think about was that I would see the TOP, G-Dragon, Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri in FLESH, I would hear them sing LIVE and I would have this awesome experience.

Photo courtesy: Benedict Bigalbal
Photo courtesy: Benedict Bigalbal
Photo courtesy: Benedict Bigalbal

The downside, I was going alone! None of my best friends or super close friends are K-pop fans nor BigBang fans. I knew that I have to go because I could not miss this awesome experience. I went there not knowing what to expect. I remember promising myself to have fun and make the most out of my sort-of-unfortunate situation.

One thing you should know about me is that I’m really good (I think) at socializing. 🙂

Anyway, let’s talk about the concert!

Photo courtesy: Benedict Bigalbal

It started on time, 8 PM, even if there were A LOT seats that are unfilled (there was something really wrong with the security!).

The lights were still on, BUT there were people who started screaming when the BigBang members peeked at the corner of the stage while preparing for the concert.

Photo courtesy: Benedict Bigalbal

Still Alive started playing then we see a short intro movie. After the movie, the BigBang members were put on view while inside a capsule. They sang Hands Up and Tonight after they came out of capsule and everyone went crazy when GD asked, “What’s up, Philippines?”

Every member had their moment, because aside from singing the group’s songs, they also performed their solo singles.

GD&TOP performed Knock Out from their 2010 album High High. 

Seungri’s performance reminded of an action film, Mission Impossible… I think, his costume actually made him look like a character in Call of Duty. 

Photo courtesy: Benedict Bigalbal

Daesung on the other hand performed Wings, a song which I really like from their Still Alive album.

Photo courtesy: Benedict Bigalbal

Only Look at Me and Wedding Dress were the songs that Taeyang sang. Aside from singing, Taeyang also gave the fans something to scream about. Ehem… his hot body. He ripped off his shirt and show us his ripped body. *fan girl drool*

Photo courtesy: Benedict Bigalbal

They sang almost 20 songs and the concert lasted for more than 2 hours. They sang How Gee, Stupid Liar, Love Song, Gara Gara Go, Bad Boy, Feeling, Blue, Heaven, Fantastic Baby,  Haru Haru, Lies, and Monster. I really, AS IN REALLY, loved it when they sang Haru Haru & Lies. Those songs were the main reason I got into K-pop and they reminded me again how awesome it is to become a VIP.

Photo courtesy: Benedict Bigalbal

Before they ended the concert they sang (I think) around 5 songs and said that it was the longest encore they did. Much love to the Filipino VIPs.

Photo courtesy: Benedict Bigalbal

Some fans were very lucky to get GD’s shirt and jacket. I heard it kind of smelled like a seaweed. LOL TOP also threw his towel and the fan that caught it, let us smell the towel after the concerts. Hahahaha it smelled really good!

Photo courtesy: Benedict Bigalbal

The BigBang members showed their goofy side by playing around the stage. TOP drenching Daesung with water. Seungri playing around with a panda stuffed toy. Taeyang dancing like there was no tomorrow. Hahaha It was so nice to see them just playing around and just being themselves. Plus they were trying to speak Filipino phrases. I heard them say, “Mahal ko kayo.” Something that 2NE1’s Dara loves to tell her fans.

Photo courtesy: Benedict Bigalbal
Photo courtesy: Benedict Bigalbal

I totally enjoyed the concert and it was really memorable. I’m really thankful that I went there, because aside from enjoying the concert, I also met new friends who are fellow VIPs. I was jumping up and down and also dancing during the concert that my leg hurt a lot the day after the concert. Hahaha

Photo courtesy: Benedict Bigalbal

Yes, I still have hangover from the concert. Oh the feeling of seeing them LIVE and hearing their songs, I am a happy fan girl!

Photo courtesy: Benedict Bigalbal

I’m holding to their promise of coming back next year. You guys better be back or I shall bawl like a baby, but I’ll still love you guys! hahahaha

BigBang please come back again next year!!! 🙂

Ohh before I end this post, check out my friend’s experience during the concert. He’s also the owner of the photos, so you might wanna check out his blog. Here’s his post, BIG BANG ALIVE GALAXY TOUR LIVE IN MANILA 2012.


Your crazy and giddy fan girl. 🙂

Before the concert!!! 🙂

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